How I Work

As a solution-focused counselor and coach, I start with certain basic assumptions. I believe that:

  1. My clients are seeking some change in their lives;

  2. They have inherent strengths and resources;

  3. They are capable and skilled;

  4. They are the experts in their lives.

My job is to ask positive, strength-based questions that help my clients identify those very strengths and resources and use them to realize the change they wish to see in their lives.

I offer my clients the gift of listening. Listening is a learned skill and it is one that I have practised and refined over the years. I listen with an open mind, in a non-judgemental and objective manner. Many of my clients have commented on how helpful they have found just simply “being listened to” in this way. I offer my clients a safe space in which to talk through whatever issues they may be struggling with.